Hair Replacement and Product Information


HeadQuarters is committed to providing its customers with the highest quality products, and that's why we select the finest European hair to compliment each client's existing hair color, texture and wave. Our manufacturers double knot strands of synthetic or human hair until thousands of individual strands have been added to complete the hair replacement. Each strand must be hand tied to give the appearance of naturally growing scalp hair. This process cannot be achieved with machine made replacements. As a result of this handmade construction, you will enjoy a comfortable, natural looking replacement that is virtually undetectable. Let the experts at HeadQuarters show you how a custom- made, custom-fitted, expertly color-matched hair replacement can enhance your appearance.

Bio Membrane Graft

The Bio Membrane Graft ™ is a breakthrough in hair replacement technology designed not to tear, stretch, crack or turn color. The translucent scalp like appearance is virtually weightless and crafted for undetectable wear. The Bio Membrane Graft allows you to style and comb your hair naturally. Each hair is individually hand sewn into three micro layers of the finest surgical silicone. Once molded to the head, it will not change shape regardless of extremes in temperature or amount of wear. The Graft will remain secure to your scalp for one full week and can withstand activities such as showering, sports, even swimming. Tests have shown that the Graft can sustain a 35-pound pull and remain secure under the windiest conditions.
Of utmost importance to our clients is comfort, and the Bio Membrane is designed to breathe, allowing for constant ventilation. HeadQuarters is so confident that you will be completely satisfied with our Bio Membrane system that we offer a one- year satisfaction guarantee. Call us for more information on this great product.


HeadQuarter carries a full inventory of supplies for the proper maintenance of our replacement products to ensure you look and feel good between the time you come in to see us in person.
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